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I hope you all are enjoying your 2014 thus far.  I myself am very excited about this year.  This year we are looking to do a few new things within the lodge, such as adding a few new “Social Events” to the lodge calendar.  We also plan on doing much fundraising for the 2015 NOAC and much much more!  One really exciting event is coming in June.  This event is the annual Conclave, which is being hosted by our lodge this year! We have a whole new group of officers this year, including myself and that means many new ideas for the lodge.  I know that I am truly looking forward to a great year this year and I hope you are as well! I hope to see many of you at lodge events, especially our new “Social Events” which you will hear more about soon!  Together, we can take the “Footsteps to the Future” !


In Brotherhood,


Scott Grassi

Lodge Advisor

How time flies! Before we know it we will be at Fellowship at Acahela.Please sign up early.

Speaking of signing up the Lodge will be holding the NE5B Conclave at Goose Pond June 6,7,8 of this year. We will need a staff of at least 100 to comfortably hold this event.  

Mr. Croom
























Mr. John Croom

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Lowwapaneu Lodge 191

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