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I imagine the majority of you are not entirely enjoying the weather we have been having lately, specifically the frigid temperatures. After reading -18° Fahrenheit on my thermometer last night, I was surprised that my eyelids were not already frozen shut.

Nonetheless, our committees are already knee deep in lodge activity for the 2015 year! I can’t begin to explain how happy I was to hear that our chairman were busy at work. The Communications committees have begun work on the Lodge website, as well as work on a spring edition of Smoke Signals. The Unit Elections committee has been working for over a month now on holding elections. The NAA committee has already drummed at FIVE blue and gold dinners. The ceremonies committee has even began to practice scripts TWO MONTHS before the fellowship weekend in April. Congrats and thank you to all that have been active this early in the game, mentioned and un-mentioned.

I’d like you all to try and follow the example of these committees, and get active this time of year. If the committee you are involved with has yet to begin work on their specified duties, try to incorporate some kind of prep work at committee meetings. If you are interested in helping out any of our committees, I’m positive that all committees will be more than willing to have you as a part of their team. With this in mind, I hope you are all ready for a truly awesome year in Lowwapaneu Lodge!  



Jake Weston


Lodge Advisor

Hello fellow Arrowmen I hope your winter is moving quickly and your staying warm!

I want to remind you that there are a lot of opportunities coming up to get active in the Lodge or continue to participate in the Lodge activities.

It starts on Friday April 17th with our Fellowship overnighter at Camp Acahela and your first chance to take Brotherhood for the year.

Right after that on May 2 we will be holding an Applebee’s breakfast.

Later in May the 29 -31 Section NE-5B will be holding the conclave at Resica Falls Scout Camp. This is limited to the first 35 that sign up. This is the 100th anniversary of the Order and the Lodge who’s hosting is Unami Lodge #1 the first Lodge ever created in the OA.

One week later we will be holding the first of our two Ordeals one at Goose Pond and then at Camp Acahela.

As you can see there are a lot of activities planned! GET ACTIVE!!

 Mr. Croom


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