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Members of the lodge currently attending the Order of the Arrow: Order of the Arrow Prism experience at Summit Bechtel Reserve. Prism is a four-day, three-night experience at the SBR. Prism’s defining experience is inaugural rededication ceremony at the Summit Circle. The Summit Circle is the original ceremony circle from Treasure Island. In 2015, the site of the Order’s founding was transported pieceby-piece to the Summit, and was combined with the rocks donated by lodges past and present to create a timeless experience that presents the Order across its 100-year history. Prism guests are the first Arrowmen to experience the new national ceremonies grounds. One day of Prism includes access to all of the Scott Summit Center: BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding, archery, climbing and more. Participants are spending the other day of Prism doing a service project for the Summit to leave their mark on Scouting for generations to come.